Affordable Advertising

The cost of online advertising continues to rise for small businesses.  A small business used to be able to buy pay per click advertising and have search engines like Yahoo, Google and others direct traffic to their website at an affordable price.  Now if you login to a search engine you can spend a small fortune using pay per click advertising.  The amount of competition for keywords is why Google is a giant Wall Street company and dominates the world of search on the Internet.

This has turned businesses to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok and others to try to get additional exposure for their brand.  It’s quite common to pay social influencers large sums to get them to endorse a brand.  The competition online continues to grow and it’s getting more difficult to set yourself apart from all of the noise that is become social media today.

Freak Sites is much more than a series of traditional classified advertising websites.  Savvy marketers will quickly recognize that they can use Freak Sites to promote their products, build a profile, link back to their websites to order and expose their brands for as little as $99 per year.  Most people have ad blockers today and are tired of clicking on websites only to be bombarded with constant ads.  Cars Freak is only $99 per year to list as many vehicles as a dealership or an individual wants. You can even link over to sites like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy or other places to fulfill your orders or to your own website.  

Build Your Profile

Once you join as a subscriber can build a profile and link back to their personal website and their business.  You will also be listed in our Seller Directory for free. You might be selling a silver coin, a comic book, a vehicle, a house or a pair of painted sneakers on one of the Freak Sites and you have the opportunity to direct people to your business in the process.  It’s quite possibly the most affordable way to advertise your business online using your products and a third-party website.

Most classified ad websites and other sites that people are using to sell products are not setup to allow you to promote your business.  All Freak Sites are designed to be more than just a traditional classified ad website that only sells products.  Businesses and individuals can use them to promote themselves and their brands.